Introduction Statement

The purpose of this reflection is to review my work, knowledge and new skills in writing the papers. My strong points are in finding the necessary resources in relation to the topic, putting together the information into MLA format, and clear exercise of revising the papers. I plan to work on analyzing the costs for proposals, and on analyzing a document and a song and on clarify the angle of an argument for comparatives. this semester i mastered in the introduction and formating on both papers.


I am stating that I have achieved most of the outcomes for writing the papers specified in this blog. such achievements are in the topic/problem, gathering vital information, composing and presenting the papers.  the process in achieving these outcomes was challenging beacuse I had personal doubts in my skills and from previous experinces in other English 102. by the end of the semester, I have been able mostly overcome these doubts and thoughts on the experiences.  But I lack in specifics of the papers needed to achieve understanding for any audience. Since I acknowledge these weaknesses, cost analysis in the proposal paper and reflection for both papers, I plan to continue practicing in my journal for writing.

American Idiot
Rolling Stone Review

American Idiot is the kind of old-school rock opera that went out of style when Keith Moon still had a valid driver’s license, in the tradition of the Who’s Tommy, Yes’ Relayer or Styx’s Kilroy Was Here. Since Green Day are punk rockers, they obviously have a specific model in mind: Husker Du’s 1984 Zen Arcade, which showed how a street-level hardcore band could play around with storytelling without diluting the primal anger of the music. On American Idiot, the thirteen tracks segue together, expanding into piano balladry and acoustic country shuffles. You can guess who the “American Idiot” is in the bang-up title tune, as Armstrong rages against the “subliminal mind-fuck America” of the George W. Bush era: “Welcome to a new kind of tension/All across the alien nation.” Green Day have always swiped licks from the Clash, even back when they were still singing about high school shrinks and whores, so it makes sense for them to come on like Joe Strummer. , Idiot does  a fine job of revving up the basic Green Day conceit, adding emotional flavor to top-shelf Armstrong songs.

All Music Review

And one of the truly startling things about American Idiot is how the increased musicality of the band is matched by Armstrong’s incisive, cutting lyrics, which effectively convey the paranoia and fear of living in American in days after 9/11, but also veer into moving, intimate small-scale character sketches. There’s a lot to absorb here, and cynics might dismiss it after one listen as a bit of a mess when it’s really a rich, multi-faceted work, one that is bracing upon the first spin and grows in stature and becomes more addictive with each repeated play. Like all great concept albums, American Idiot works on several different levels. It can be taken as a collection of great songs — songs that are as visceral or as poignant as Green Day at their best, songs that resonate outside of the larger canvas of the story, as the fiery anti-Dubya title anthem proves — but these songs have a different, more lasting impact when taken as a whole. While its breakneck, freewheeling musicality has many inspirations, there really aren’t many records like American Idiot.In its musical muscle and sweeping, politically charged narrative, it’s something of a masterpiece, and one of the few — if not the only — records of 2004 to convey what it feels like to live in the strange, bewildering America of the early 2000s.


Pitchfork Review

As a songwriter, Armstrong’s penchant for economy is still present— he’ll never be a wordsmith or a magic melody maker. But Idiot’s slicing power chordage reaches to Green Day’s old English and Cali punk influences with tingling fingers, adds acoustic instruments without sounding forced or contrived, and lyrically grapples with the cultural predicaments and awkward shittiness of “subliminal mind-fuck America,” circa 2004: “Now everybody do the propaganda/ And sing along in the age of paranoia.” Armstrong delivers the title track couplet like a command at the revolution day sock-hop, and its instrumental viciousness is enough to shatter punchbowl glass.

"Shares of the United States, EU, Japan, and the rest of the world—mostly developing countries—were flat or declined"

"Shares of the United States, EU, Japan, and the rest of the world—mostly developing countries—were flat or declined"

"Take Advantage of the Benefits you Have Earned"

but according to Obama, people don’t earn what they recive. instead people are given everything from the government.

"Take Advantage of the Benefits you Have Earned"

but according to Obama, people don’t earn what they recive. instead people are given everything from the government.

The Massachusetts economy and its high-tech industries entered the 21st century on a downward trend. From 2001–2009, total private employment declined by about 141,000 or 4.9 percent; and, collectively, high-tech industries shed 47,000 jobs (14.8 percent of total high-tech employment). Still, high-tech employment remains important to the Massachusetts economy as nearly 1 of every 5 dollars paid in wages in Massachusetts in both 2001 and 2009 were attributed to the high-tech sector.

Outcomes for MWA #1

1.  topic- search for the a point in the speech that  i find to be interesting that can be compared and contrasted with the song of my choice.

2. information- researching on what was stated in the speech and in the song. I accomplished this when I stated, “Barack Obama used many narrative examples and emotions to persuade the audience”.I implemented a few narratives from the speech and used particular lyrics that showed the comparision.

3. composition- state the argument from both the speech and the song chosen. I accomplished this when I stated the fact, “The cost of the Golden Gate Bridge was $165,000,000. Hoover Dam came with a price of $35,000,000. Not to mention the cost both projects accumulated with years of litigation in courts. Also a lot of men lost their lives while building the projects”. I placed a few of these facts within my paper.

4. presentation- read the drafts more than once, either in front of an audience or in tutoring sessions. I accomplished this with incorporating more facts, description of what the facts mean to the audience.

5. review- those I have accomplished and those that need work to be considered an accomplishment. I still believe I need to work on this for future writting classes.